Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thomas Keller Video

As you may have noticed I have some links in previous posts. Nothing like a mullet picture to get you hungry for duck confit! Well a very good friend of mine from college days, who runs his own blog, has helped me with my html education, and because of him I can now direct you to a very cool video. I unashamedly enjoy all things Thomas Keller and this video is pretty neat because you get to not only watch the only U.S. chef with two restaurants that have three Michelin stars each give a tour of his newest restaurant, but you also watch him get excited about browning his gnocchi. The man loves food. Happy viewing and thank you Epicurious for the interview!

Thomas Keller makes gnocchi at his restaurant, Per Se.


  1. Mikey!!
    I've actually been struggling with my gnocchi recipe for some time and have recently been trying to remedy the problem. This video really helps get the ball rolling and should be putting out a marvelous gnocchi in no time, haha, Thanks pal

  2. Don't you mean "get the gnocchi rolling"? hehe And you are welcome. When in doubt, see TK!