Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the introductory post

Well, after playing around with typing up recipes for a book, handing out hastily written recipes to friends, and promising recipes to others, I have decided to make my own blog! (Which, by the way, is ridiculously easy to do.)
My posts will be what I make for dinner for myself, wife, and whomever else may be here that night. Also just the self-indulgent posts about food thoughts, sources, etc. I will also blatantly endorse some vendors/products, etc. Some recipes will be originals and others shamelessly pirated from people with much more skill than I. I do intend to make known any sources of recipes/inspiration that I use other than my own noggin. Give credit where it is due, ya know.
The goal is a minimum of one post a week, but there will surely be ups and downs. Comment away on what you read and please post if you decide to make any of the dishes posted here.


  1. Great picture..but Dad's comment is.."where is the rest of the shrimp" - he is old school presentation and eating.

    Zube cut his culinary teeth at my table growing up....

    Ma Zube

  2. Hey! I am the unfortunate soul that has to suffer through testing all of these wonderful, creative, delicious meals...poor guinea pig me...Lub you

    wife Zube

  3. This pork shoulder meal was so yummy. As usual with my husband's cooking, I am left literally licking the plate (which is totally allowed in our house). I even brought the mashed potatoes with amazing reduction sauce for lunch the next day.